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Born c. 1163[1]
Residence Yeddaw
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Mik is a child with a head wound in Yeddaw on Roshar.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Mik is around ten or eleven years old. He is a large child, larger than Lift.[1] He has a prominent scar on his head that does not appear to be fully healed.[1] His head is shaved, and the hair has not grown back on the side of his head around the scar.[2]


Mik was abandoned by his mother outside of the orphanage.[1] Lift noted that he was unresponsive and drooling.[1] His mother appeared to be quite upset about leaving him, and Wyndle was shocked by her actions; Lift speculated that Mik's mother was forced to abandon him because of her inability to tend to his special needs alongside her other children.[1] Lift took his hand and tried to speak to him, but he showed no signs of comprehension or any ability to communicate.[1] However, when the Stump saw Mik, she believed that he was faking his injury.[1]

The next day, Mik approached Lift looking for food. He was able to tell her his name and speak in short sentence fragments.[2] He seemed confused but asked after his mother. Lift thought he was just having a better day, but the Stump continued to insist that he was faking it.[2] When Lift saw Mik again later in the day, he was able to speak normally and remembered his mother, although his memory of the last few weeks was foggy and he still did not understand why she left him at an orphanage.[3] Lift realized that he had healed at a supernatural rate and assumed it was through her Surgebinding power known as Regrowth. She was perplexed by the fact that she seemed to be healing his mind, which she believed to be beyond her abilities, and that the healing was happening without her active participation.[3]

Mik's mother returned to the orphanage the next day due to her guilt about abandoning him, and he left with her.[4] Mik's case, along with other evidence, led Lift to the conclusion that the Stump was the Surgebinder that had healed Mik. The Stump had also unknowingly healed many other children, leading to her constant skepticism about their injuries.[4]


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