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Died Possessed by Aharat, ? 1174[1]
Abilities Forms of Power
Species Singer
Nationality Listener
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

I'd like them to understand how easily I could have cracked their skulls. But ... that was well done. I guess I’m glad I didn’t have to rip anyone apart.

—Melu to Eshonai[2]

Melu is a listener on Roshar.[3]


Melu was one of the first volunteers to try to take on warform after Venli successfully petitioned the Five for permission. She and a dozen others were successful in adopting the new form; immediately after the highstorm, the group heard battle drums announcing an attack on their family's city. Melu was excited at the prospect of a conflict and wanted to take the family's set of Shardplate and their Shardblade from Sharefel. Eshonai stopped her and resolved the conflict with the opposing family by a show of strength that convinced them they could not win. Melu headed back to the city to train with the others after first expressing irritation that she hadn't had an opportunity to show off her newfound strength and then agreeing that a peaceful resolution was better.[2]

After the listeners unified and moved to Narak, Melu gained some level of command among the army. She helped Venli and Eshonai count the listener population, troops and civilians alike, requiring each to adopt stormform. Like the rest of the listener stormforms, she likely then participated in the Battle of Narak.[3] Melu survived the battle to later be possessed by the Fused Aharat, effectively killing her. Just prior to her death, she questioned Ulim if the group of singers following Venli should seek shelter from the Everstorm which brought the Fused.[1]


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