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Family First-Rhythm
Abilities Shardbearer
Species Singer
Nationality Listener
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Rhythm of War

I will not lift the Blade against other listeners.


Sharefel is a listener on Roshar and a leader of the First-Rhythm family.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sharefel is an older malen, and his skin pattern is predominantly black. The color of his Shardplate is unknown, but it is described as "glistening". He speaks with a soft voice, often to the Rhythm of the Lost, and commands a great deal of respect among his family.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

The First-Rhythm family is said to have noble heritage,[2] and Sharefel serves as the head of the family. Even when Eshonai first feels the strength of warform, she approaches him with reverence.[1]

He becomes a full Shardbearer at an advanced age, but he adheres to the listener tradition of only using the Shards to hunt greatshells.[1]


Sharefel's early history is unknown. He notes that he sang the "old songs" of the listeners (such as the Song of Listing) for a long time, hoping to rediscover how to take on warform.[1]

Circa 1166, the First-Rhythm family conquered one of the eight proper listener cities of the Shattered Plains, and the defeated family relinquished the city's Shardplate and Shardblade to Sharefel's possession. Sharefel took up residence in a hut near the front of the city. The hut was close to the drums, and was one of the family's strongest and best-maintained structures.[1]

On the day that Eshonai and several others first successfully adopted warform, Sharefel was quickly informed about the breakthrough. Venli insisted that Eshonai and the other warforms personally speak with him as soon as possible, as one of the other listener families had come to try to win the city. Sharefel was pleased by their accomplishment and asked how they had done it; he was surprised to learn that the key to the form was painspren, since they fled during highstorms. Eshonai informed him that they trapped the painspren using a human method, and Sharefel said he would soon take on the form himself. However, he believed it was time for a new Shardbearer, and asked which of the new warforms would take his Shards. Melu was the most eager to take them, but as Thude held her back, Eshonai realized that a fight might break out over the choice. She instead asked Sharefel to wear the Plate when they went to speak to the invading family as part of their intimidation tactics. He agreed, although he insisted that he would not attack them.[1]

His fate during the War of Reckoning is unknown. Eshonai came to own a full set of Shards, but it is not clear if they came from Sharefel.


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