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Meleran Khal
Parents General Khal, Teshav
Siblings Halam, Aratin
Relatives Idani (cousin)
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Captainlord Meleran Khal is the youngest son of General Khal and Teshav.[1]


Meleran Khal is a powerfully built man who is balding by his thirties.[1] He is around the same height as Adolin.[2]


Meleran Khal was born the youngest son of Teshav and Khal sometime around 1144, after his brothers Halam and Aratin.[1] Little of his history is known, but it likely he accompanied the rest of his family in the War of Reckoning and followed them to Urithiru.

While King Elhokar was infiltrating Kholinar, he asked Shallan Davar to use Lightweaving to disguise Adolin Kholin as Meleran Khal multiple times,[1] since the two have a similar height.[2]


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