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Groups Dalinar's elites
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Hate shooting horses. Like throwing a thousand broams into the storming ocean, Brightlord.

—Jenin to Dalinar Kholin[1]

Jenin is one of Dalinar's elites. He was present during the attack where they recruited Teleb.[1]

He is referred to as a striker.[fn 1] When Dalinar and the elites approached Brightlord Yezriar, Jenin unhooked his shortbow and shot Yezriar's horse. Jenin lamented that it was a terrible waste of money, and Dalinar said he would buy Jenin two horses when they were finished.[1]


  1. The term "striker" is not defined in the text, but in American military slang it can refer to an soldier who serves as an officer's personal servant for extra pay.[2]
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