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by Jill Andersen
Aliases FM (callsign)
Profession DDF pilots
World Detritus
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Freyja (callsign FM) is a cadet in the DDF Flight School.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Freyja is tall and skinny, around 185 centimeters in height, and has short blond hair.[1] Spensa thinks she looks Nordic.

Freyja self-identifies as a Disputer, a member of a movement that believes the Defiant culture is becoming too jingoistic and that the dictatorship ruling Detritus has too much power. She's highly critical of the military culture and the worship of First Citizens, and isn't afraid to voice her opinions out loud, even if her flightmates disagree with her. She's also quick to notice any hypocrisies she perceives. However, for all her misgivings she is supportive of the continued war against the Krell and tries to become a pilot as hard as any other member of her flight.[2] She wears her emotions on her sleeve, and is good at reading others.[3] She's often the instigator of the group's trips out of the school.[4][5]


Freyja comes from one of the lower caves and a highly-merited family, allowing her to enter Flight School without attempting the test.[1] Once there, she became part of the Skyward Flight, taking on the callsign FM, and eventually befriended Spensa.[6][2]

FM participated in all the battles that Skyward Flight did, and ended up being one of its two graduates, alongside Jorgen.[7] Afterwards, she was one of the pilots at the Second Battle of Alta, and aided in taking down the bomber carrying the second lifebuster.[8] She was one of the survivors of the battle.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Freyja is one Skyward Flight's best pilots. As she trained under Cobb, she has excellent control of her fighter's light-lance, making her one of the most agile pilots in the sky.

She comes from a highly-merited family, giving her a large degree of freedom and influence.

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