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DDF Val-class Scout Ship.jpeg
Headquarters Alta Base
Type Starfighter pilot
World of Origin Detritus
Universe Cytoverse

We're not cowards. The DDF makes it very clear that we're not. But you might have to deal with a . . . a look now and then. It's part of the sacrifice we all make to see that the Defiant Caverns are kept safe.

A scout is a position that can be held by pilots in the DDF.[1] Cadets train with scouts during their time at Flight School and have the option to become a scout after they graduate.[1] There are at least fifteen scouts in the DDF, including FM; however, three are killed in the initial firefight and nine by a lifebuster bomb, during the Battle of Alta Second.[2] During this battle, instead of being organized in larger squads, the scouts were split into five trios.[2] The three scouts that survive the lifebuster return to Alta with Riptide Flight to aid Spensa, Kimmalyn, Nedd, and Arturo in defending the base from the second Krell attack.[3]


Scouts are tasked with patrolling the skies and reporting incoming Krell forces both during and outside of battle.[1] They look for low-riding Krell by their dust trails, as well as for Krell hiding behind hills, and teach cadets how to tell whether or not something off in the distance is a Krell ship or an optical illusion. If they see an incoming force of Krell, scouts are also tasked with holding them back to buy time for the other Flights to get off the ground and provide backup. Scouts are sometimes viewed as cowards, but they understand that their job is essential to the survival of the DDF and humanity, because without them, the Krell would catch the DDF off guard and unready.[1]


Scouts are given Val-class ships, with its 138 Stewart destructor swapped out for a 131. Its sensor systems are better than the average ship -- they have longer range and higher resolution.[1]

Known Scouts and Flights[edit]

  • Blaze, who oversees Skyward Flight's scout exposure training.
  • Remark, a member of one of the other Flight School Flights, claims he has already received an offer from a full DDF Flight to be a scout, while eating with the other cadets.[4]
  • Cloak, the seventh member of Ranger Flight, and dies from the first lifebuster in the Second Battle of Alta.[2]
  • Underscore, the eighth member of Ranger Flight.
  • FM, joins the scouts after she graduates from Flight School.[2] She is one of three scouts that survive the lifebuster blast during the Second Battle of Alta.
  • Ranger Flight is a scout Flight with at least eight members, most of if not all of its members were killed by the first lifebuster at the Second Battle of Alta.


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