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Species Kitsen
Homeworld Evershore
Universe Cytoverse
Introduced In Evershore
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Hana is a kitsen who serves on the Swims Upstream.[1] She has white tufts of fur on the ends of her ears, and a brownish tuft on the end of her bushy white tail.[2]


Hana went to Starsight with Hesho, serving on the Swims Upstream. She was likely the one who pinpointed Brade's location, and relayed this information to Spensa, during the battle between the DDF and the Weights and Measures.[1] She survived the battle, and later returned to Evershore under Kauri’s command. When Jorgen and Skyward Flight visited Evershore to retrieve two of their friends, Hana was with the group that welcomed them. She and FM introduced themselves to each other, and FM asked Hana about the kitsen’s past interactions with humans. Hana then informed FM about how the old humans had bested them in combat, largely through superior technology.[2]

When Jorgen and Alanik went to check on Gran-Gran and Cobb, Hana stayed behind with the other members of Skyward Flight. FM insisted on helping the kitsen cooks prepare the food for the upcoming feast, and Hana later informed Kauri of that fact when Kauri said that their guests shouldn’t be doing such work.[3]


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