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World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

Bryn is a member of the First Families. She and Arturo Mendez dated for a while and have known each other since before he went to flight school.[1]

Bryn has short hair and brown skin.[1]


Bryn joined Arturo, Nedd, Kimmalyn, FM, and Spensa, at an Alta Base restaurant after the Skyward Flight pilots had been ordered to take leave following the death of Hurl.[1]

A few days before Arturo left for ReDawn with Alanik and the rest of Skyward Flight, Bryn sent him a letter and broke up with him.[2] Arturo suspected that she wanted to break up before then, but wasn't sure how to. Bryn told Arturo that he had changed a lot in flight school, and he didn't care about the same things anymore. Arturo's decision to stay with the DDF instead of coming home put the strain of distance on their relationship. Arturo agreed that they were better off apart, and didn't have hard feelings towards her. [3]


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