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Members Freyja
World Detritus
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward
Defiance is not 'Defiant' to them unless it doesn’t actually defy anything.
FM criticizing Ironsides and the DDF[1]

Disputers are a movement on Detritus gaining some popularity in the lower caverns. The Defiant elite class it as a counterculture movement.[2][1]


The Disputers seek to resist the current trends of the Defiants, which they believe indoctrinates citizens with hard-line militant patriotism.[2] They oppose the militarization of society at the cost of foregoing values such as nurturing or empathy, and dislike the demigod-like status that the First Citizens of Detritus hold.[2] They believe that Detritus' military government has to be overthrown to prevent the further decay of society.[2][1] They also encourage a critical look at the habits and practices of Defiant culture.[2]

While this can get them called cowards, they still support the war against the Krell.[2]


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