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World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Defiance is not 'Defiant' to them unless it doesn’t actually defy anything.

FM criticizing Ironsides and the DDF[1]

Disputers are a movement on Detritus gaining some popularity in the lower caverns. The Defiant elite class it as a counterculture movement.[2][1]


The Disputers object to the way the war against the Krell is handle by the DDF and seek to resist the current trends of the Defiants, which they believe indoctrinates citizens with hard-line militant patriotism.[2] They oppose the militarization of society at the cost of foregoing values such as nurturing or empathy, and dislike the demigod-like status that the First Citizens of Detritus hold.[2] While they think that the Defiant people became hardened out of necessity, they believe that Detritus' military government has overstepped its bounds under the guise of public safety, leading to the lower class becoming enslaved by those with authority.[1] It is therefore up to the lower class to overthrow the government to prevent the further decay of society.[2][1]

They also encourage a critical look at the habits and practices of Defiant culture, believing many people in the caverns have either been trained to be obedient or that their aggression has overtaken their other feelings.[2] The Disputers aim to try and change the mindset of the Defiant people and have society as a whole move away from being overly militaristic and aggressive.[2]

While this can get them called cowards, they still support the war against the Krell.[2]

Known Disputers[edit]


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