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Firestorm Flight
Headquarters Alta Base
Type DDF flight
World of Origin Detritus
Universe Cytoverse

I talked to some cadets from Firestorm Flight this morning. They've been dogfighting this entire time.


Firestorm Flight is one of three cadet flights training at the DDF Flight School, alongside Skyward and Inkwell. Remark and Drama may be some of Firestorm members.[2]


Firestorm Flight was formed at the start of the new Flight School year, with presumably ten members. Unlike Skyward, which began with light-lances, Firestorm's training focused on dogfighting.[1] Over time, Admiral Ivans began sending them up to support full pilots, as a way to alleviate the staffing shortages.[3]

Much like the other flights, Firestorm suffered tremendous losses, although whether this was mostly due to combat or parents pulling their children out is unknown. Spensa and FM ate dinner with members of Firestorm and Inkwell Flights near the end of the course; at this point, the two flights totalled six members, meaning Firestorm had lost at least half of their original squad. This included their original flightleader.[2]

Following the graduation, the surviving members -- if there were any -- were placed into other, fuller flights.[4]


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