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Profession DDF pilots
World Detritus
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward

Drama is a cadet in either Inkwell Flight or Firestorm Flight in the DDF.[1] She is likely from Bountiful Caverns.[1] It is unclear whether Drama is a callsign or this cadet's name.

There are only four people in her Flight in the time period just before graduation.[1] She is used to a large amount of conversation occurring over her communication line during flights and may herself be a chatty person.[1] She has a good-natured relationship with the three members remaining in her Flight before graduation.[1]

Drama has dinner with with FM, Spensa, and the members of Inkwell and Firestorm Flight shortly after Arturo is pulled from Flight School.[1] She claims to know Jorgen, however, believes he would not interact with the other members of his Flight unless giving orders or critisizing them.[1] It is unclear whether she has developed this opinion based on generalization's of the Skyward flightleader or because of previous interactions with him.[1]

She is unable to pronounce Arturo's callsign and is familiar with his outgoing personality.[1] She characterizes Spensa as being a quiet person and believes, to some extent, that FM is similar, as she assumes that with Arturo's departure, Skyward Flight would not communicate much outside of necessary commands.[1]


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