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Species Kitsen
Homeworld Evershore
Universe Cytoverse
Introduced In Evershore
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I’m sorry about him. Goro has… a tendency toward the dramatic.

—Hana to FM[1]

Goro is a kitsen warrior from Evershore.[1] He pilots a ship called the Ever-Glorious Crashing Waves of Time, and has a great number of frontal destructors.[2][1]


Skyward Flight's Arrival[edit]

Humans! Your invasion stops here! You shall not step one more foot into the beauty of the Burrow from Which Spring Dreams Both Sweet and Sorrowful! We will cut you down where you stand.

—Goro to Skyward Flight over his ship’s loudspeaker[1]

When members of Skyward Flight arrived on Evershore to retrieve their friends and meet with the kitsen, Goro intercepted Kauri’s radio message to them, and arrived to meet the humans outside Dreamspring. He demanded that the human “invaders” leave immediately. When FM said that they came in peace, Goro demanded they prove it by sending one of their number to duel his champion in trial by combat. Kauri calmed Goro down somewhat, and he agreed that the kitsen senate should decide what to do. He declared that they have a feast beforehand, a kitsen tradition.[1]

A full belly to make you sluggish, so that my champion may more easily pierce you with the sword!

—Goro to the humans during the feast[3]

Members of Goro’s clan prepared the feast, with members of Skyward Flight helping. Goro was annoyed at this, seeing the humans as the enemies. They feasted, and afterward attended the senate meeting.[3] Adi, director of the kitsen senate, gave both Goro and Kauri the floor, and they debated at length. Goro argued that the humans in the past were violent and destructive, so they shouldn’t be trusted again. Goro’s argument began to repeat itself, and he was clearly trying to bait Jorgen into agreeing to fight him. Goro didn’t understand what Jorgen’s motive was, not believing that Jorgen genuinely was coming in peace. When Jorgen lost control of his mindblades and shot them everywhere in an explosion of power, Goro yelled that it proved how violent the humans were.[4]

The Battle for Evershore[edit]

This is your opportunity to prove yourself, human. If you are defending the sacred cliffs of Dreamspring, then you are already our allies. Our ship might not be as fast as yours, but she is no less fierce. We will fight by your side as equals.

—Goro to Jorgen as they flew into battle[2]

When Superiority forces arrived and began an attack on Dreamspring, Goro flew into battle alongside Jorgen, realizing that Jorgen truly was an ally. Goro and Kauri both fought with Skyward Flight, helping to ultimately repel the Superiority attack and to protect Dreamspring.[5][6] After the battle, Jorgen apologizes to Goro for the damage caused to Dreamspring. Goro promised to speak on Jorgen’s behalf if he needed kitsen support.[7]


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