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Profession DDF pilots
Homeworld Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Introduced In Skyward

Callsign Tunestone is a member of Nightmare Flight along with Nose, Bog, Sushi, Jager, and Nord.[1][2] She has a high pitched voice and comes across as dismissive.[1]

Tunestone, along with her flight mates, accompanied Skyward Flight in a routine mission to tag debris. Paired with FM and Spensa, Tunestone and her wingmate Bog attempted to show off their light-lance skills, assuming the cadets to not be overly familiar with the manoeuvres. Neither of the cadets found the display overly impressive, and in turn they demonstrated their own competency using a light-lance. Later, when the group were attacked by Krell ships, Tunestone was ordered by her flightleader, Nose, to fly defensively and keep an eye out for Lifebusters until reinforcements arrived.[1][3]

Later, Nightmare Flight participated in the Battle of Alta Second.[4]


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