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Mammoth starpod
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward

The mammoth starpod is an enormous creature with dozens of long white tentacles. It inhabits large asteroids or other bodies of rock, making its home there and using its tentacles to snare food. Its appearance resembles that of a giant flower. Each arm has feeler tubes on it, which they use can grab food. It eats mostly minerals and space matter. It is not good at identifying objects, and sometimes will not realize that it has grabbed something it doesn’t want to eat until it’s already in its mouth. Mammoth starpods go through a molting season, and are particularly hungry as the molting season approaches.[1]

The starpod’s tentacles are several kilometers long and several wingspans wide. The tentacles are whitish in color, with smaller purplish stalks growing up the middle of each one. The starpod’s mouth has thousands of long ivory tongues arranged in circles around its mouth. They look like teeth, but are flexible and wavy. It uses these to help pull its prey in.[1]

The Superiority is interested in mammoth starpods, and has set up a research station to study at least one of them.[1]


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