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Abilities Forms of Power
Groups Council of Five
Species Singer
Residence Narak
Nationality Listener
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

We must be unified in this decision. I will accept nothing else.

— Davim about taking on stormform[1]

Davim is a member of the listener Council of Five in Narak during the War of Reckoning on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Davim wears workform, representing it in the Council of Five. He's broad-faced, with skin that is mostly black with some red swirls. He is somewhat impatient, seeking to obtain the ability to use stormform regardless of the dangers that it might pose.[1] Nonetheless, he is reasonable and relatively careful, and acknowledges that the Council needs to be unified given the possible dangers of the new form.[1] After seeing the changes in Eshonai, he's still eager to use it, and becomes tempted by the power that the form bestows.[2]


At some point during the War of Reckoning, Davim was chosen for the Council of Five and joined it in workform. After Venli proposed the plan of taking on stormform, he was eager to try it out. Nonetheless, he sided with Eshonai in saying that she should be the one to perform the test, as Venli was too important to lose. He was also concerned about the possibility of Eshonai herself dying, pointing out that she was their last remaining Shardbearer.[1]

After Eshonai was taken over by stormform, Davim was initially angry with her for not sharing her plans with the rest of the Five, then cautious about her proposed plan to transform the entire listener population. Later, he inquired about how the new form felt, and became far more interested in taking it on when he heard the answer. He intended to speak with Eshonai further about the topic out of earshot of other members of the Five, and she believed he was already on her side.[2] His attitude implied that he planned to wear stormform himself, but whether he did so is unknown.


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