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Nation Azir
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
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Azimir is the capital city of Azir, and the seat of the Prime Aqasix, the leader of the Azish Empire.[1]


Azimir is located in the southern part of the country, near the border with Tashikk and Emul. Its location is well-protected from highstorms.[2] It is one of the larger cities on Roshar, with population exceeding that of Kholinar, and far greater population density.[3][4]


Azimir is one of the oldest cities on the planet. That it has its own Oathgate implies that it might've been the capital of Makabakam, the Silver Kingdom within whose lands it would've laid during the Heraldic Epochs.[5][6]

In 1173, the city saw a string of assassinations as Szeth, under orders from Taravangian, assassinated Prime Aqasix after Prime Aqasix as they were being elected, leading to a succession crisis as prospective candidates grew too fearful to apply. At the same time, the city was visited by the herald Nale, who was hunting Lift for her Surgebinding. The meeting between them in the Bronze Palace led to Lift revealing her abilities and Gawx being elected the new Prime after she healed him.[2]

Following the Everstorm, the former Parshmen left the city, and attempted to sue the government for their back pay.[7] While the negotiations took place, the Azish intended to destroy the city's Oathgate. However, those plans were abandoned after Dalinar Kholin convinced the Azish government to join his alliance and the Oathgate was unlocked by Lift for easy access to Urithiru, while the negotiations with the Singers broke down with the arrival of the Fused.[7]


The Bronze Palace

The Bronze Palace is the seat of the Azish government, and the home of the Prime Aqasix. Its name comes from it being mostly made out of bronze through Soulcasting. This includes not only its walls and spires, but also trees and decorations.[2]

The Grand Market

The city's indoor shopping district, an enormous building covered by a bronze dome. It is located on top of the city's Oathgate platform. Upon learning of this fact, the Azish emptied it out and transformed it into a fort to protect against possible Alethi invastion, thinking that only the contents of the control chamber could be teleported.[7]


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