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This page or section needs to be updated with new information!
Be aware that in its current state, it may not include all additional content yet.

This notice should be used on articles that are missing information from a recently released book. It can be removed once the article has been updated for that book (or, if the article has only been updated for one of the listed books, remove only that book's code from the template). It adds the page into Category: Articles that need updates. To indicate which book(s) the article needs to be updated for, add the book codes from Template:B as parameters. For example, to indicate that a page needs to be updated for both Dawnshard and Rhythm of War, use {{update|sa3.5|sa4}}. Doing so will also add the page to categories the track updates needed for individual books.

To add a note that a page needs to be updated for something other than a specific book, use the text parameter; this may be used in combination with a list of books. To add a note that will only be seen when someone edits the page, use the notes parameter.

Note: {{update|book=book code}} is still valid, but will be suppressed unless you specify 2=, 3=, etc. for subsequent books.

Articles using Template[edit]