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Song of Secrets

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Song of Secrets
Related to Listener
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Song of Secrets is one of songs detailing the oral history of the listeners. It discusses the listener gods, their forms, and the Unmade.


Nightform predicting what will be,
The form of shadows, mind to forsee.
As the gods did leave, the nightform whispered.
A new storm will come, someday to break.
A new storm a new world to make.
A new storm a new path to take, the nightform listens.
—17th stanza[1]
Decayform destroys the souls of dreams.
A form of gods, to avoid it seems.
Seek not its touch, nor beckon its screams, deny it.
Watch where you walk, your toes to tread.
O'er hill or rocky riverbed
Hold dear to fears that fill your head, defy it.
—27th stanza[2]
The betrayal of spren has brought us here.
They gave their Surges to human heirs,
But not to those who know them most dear, before us.
'Tis no surprise we turned away
Unto the gods we spent our days
And to become their molding clay, they changed us.
—40th stanza[3]
Smokeform for hiding and slipping 'tween men.
A form of power—like Surges of spren
Do we dare to wear this form again? It spies.
Crafted of gods, this form we fear.
By Unmade touch its curse to bear,
Formed from shadow—and death is near. It lies.
—51st stanza[4]
Our gods were born splinters of a soul,
Of one who seeks to take control,
Destroys all lands that he beholds, with spite.
They are his spren, his gift, his price.
But the nightforms speak of future life,
A challenged champion. A strife even he must requite.
—final stanza[5]


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