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Profession Scribe
Residence Urithiru
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Rhythm of War

Martra is a young scribe on Roshar.[1]

In 1175, Martra was presumably living in Urithiru; she was part of a group of scribes that were deployed by the coalition of monarchs as support for their military campaign in Emul. She was a competent scribe, although she was rarely given important tasks.[1]

In Emul, Martra was part of a pool of scribes that rotated assignments. She happened to be assigned to Dalinar on the day that he rode the highstorm through a vision to investigate what was happening in Urithiru. Before Dalinar "departed", he instructed Martra to ask the participants of his next meeting to wait for him if he was not back in time and she brought him a chair. She alertly recorded everything that Dalinar said and did while he was having his vision, although he did not speak the Stormfather's side of the conversation aloud. After Dalinar contacted Kaladin through his vision and realized that something was seriously wrong, he told Martra to cancel his appointments for the day and tell Teshav that she needed to summon the other monarchs and highlords for an emergency meeting.[1]


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