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Species Singer
Nationality Listener
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Rhythm of War

How did you learn to give speeches? Did you learn that talking to those trees, out in the wilderness?

—Dolimid, to Eshonai[1]

Dolimid is a singer on Roshar.[1]

Dolimid was presumably a member of the First-Rhythm family alongside other notable listeners, including Eshonai and Venli. They were among the group of twelve listeners that successfully adopted warform for the first time after it was rediscovered sometime in early 1167. Immediately afterwards, they witnessed Eshonai use the new form to intimidate a rival family who had come to raid their city. She dissuaded them from attacking and strongly suggested that they join her cause. Dolimid seemed surprised that Eshonai had spoken so forcefully and clearly during the parley. They sarcastically asked if she had become a better orator by speaking to trees while she explored the wilds of eastern Roshar. Eshonai retorted that she was not a hermit and simply sought freedom.[1]


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