Lekal City

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Lekal City
Dominance Southern Dominance
Nation Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Lekal City is a city in the Southern Dominance of the Final Empire.[1] It lies on the River Channerel and is downriver from Austrex.[1]


Prior to the Collapse, Lekal City was a country estate, with a manor house but lacked a true palace.[2] It was still notable enough to be on maps dated 1021, shortly before the Collapse.[1] When the Lord Ruler died, a shantytown sprung up around Lekal City's main manor house.[2]

It is not clear if Jastes Lekal made this his capital of his kingdom during the Siege of Luthadel or perhaps the Southern Dominance's capital, Austrex. Regardless, following Jastes Lekal's demise, King Audil Lekal was centered out of Lekal City.[2]

Sazed and Breeze traveled to Lekal City as ambassadors of the Elend Venture's New Empire prior to the Siege of Fadrex City. Sazed sought Audil Lekal's surrender, making the Lekal kingdom a vassal to the Empire. Audil eventually signed the treaty, realizing he was beaten.[2]

Nearer to the Catacendre, Lekal City was destroyed from lava from a nearby Ashmount (presumably the nearby Ashmount Zerinah), and along with it, the entire Southern Dominance was said to be burning.[3]


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