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Audil Lekal
House Lekal
Relatives Jastes Lekal
Died 1025 FE[1]
Titles King of House Lekal's kingdom
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Audil Lekal was the second king of the post-Collapse kingdom of House Lekal in the Southern Dominance of Scadrial. He was the uncle of Jastes Lekal.[2]

After Jastes was executed for raising an uncontrollable koloss army,[3] Audil became the ruler of the lands that House Lekal had claimed in the Southern Dominance. He ruled from Lekal City, a former country estate that quickly became a shantytown in the turmoil following the Lord Ruler's death.[2]

House Lekal was presumably weakened by the events surrounding the Battle of Luthadel; Audil lost most of his kingdom to bandits and koloss.[4] However, he still controlled lands within the defensive perimeter of the New Empire.[2] In the months before the siege of Fadrex City, Elend sent Breeze and Sazed to King Lekal to have him officially swear his fealty to the empire. Audil did this reservedly, and Sazed noted that his signature on the treaty was incredibly cramped, as he knew he had been beaten and had no choice but to join Elend's empire or die, regardless of his own problems with the agreement.[2]

As Scadrial destabilized, Audil was killed when his kingdom was destroyed by lava from an ashmount.[1]


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