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Born Fifth Generation
Species Kandra
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

You have two options, FhorKood. Either relinquish those bones, or I'll digest your body and kill you, as I did OreSeur.

TenSoon to FhorKood.[1]

FhorKood is a kandra of the Fifth Generation.[1] His True Body is made of granite.

When KanPaar and the Second Generation take the First Generation captive in a coup, FhorKood and some other members of the Fifth Generation support the Seconds. FhorKood may be one of the Fifths that gag Haddek.[2]

TenSoon, in his wolfhound body, breaks into the kandra Homeland, and with the help of MeLaan and other kandra revolutionaries, frees Sazed, who has been imprisoned in the Seconds' coup. However, TenSoon is seen entering the Homeland, and soon FhorKood and other Fifths come to subdue them. FhorKood and the Fifths do not expect Sazed's Feruchemy, and by tapping iron, Sazed is able to break the Fifths' bones, incapacitating them.[1]

FhorKood has contempt for the Third Generation. When TenSoon demands to know what FhorKood had done, FhorKood simply responds with, "Dirty Third." TenSoon finds it amusing that KanPaar has branded him a Contract-breaker, but then FhorKood and the Seconds overthrow the First Generation.[1]

TenSoon then threatens FhorKood and asks him to hand over his bones. FhorKood is terrified of TenSoon and relinquishes his bones, which allows TenSoon to impersonate him and tell the Second Generation that the traitor, TenSoon, has been captured. This buys time so that the rescued First Generation can reform their bodies.[1]


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