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Milen Davenpleu
Ethnicity Noble
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Mistborn: The Final Empire

Milen Davenpleu is a noble in the Final Empire on Scadrial.[1]


He was the young heir of a minor house, and escorted Valette Renoux to a ball at Keep Hasting after his original date fell ill.[1] During the ball, he and Kliss discussed the deaths of Charrs Entrone and Ardous and Callins Geffenry, and how they were linked to the relationship between House Tekiel and House Geffenry.[1] He seemed polite, but Vin had to mask her disdain for him since he shared certain traits and attitudes with all nobles.[1]

He played shelldry with Lords Rene and Tyden and another noble. He had failed to show up to their last game, and used an obligator to witness his promise to attend their next outing. He made a hasty exit when Shan Elariel approached to talk to Valette.[1]


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