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Dominance Western Dominance
Nation Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Mantiz is a city in the Western Dominance of the Final Empire on Scadrial.[1]


Mantiz lies in the far north of the Western Dominance, and is of a respectable size for the area.[1]

Only one of the Ashmounts, Torinost, lies near Mantiz. This means that a bit less ash falls there than in Luthadel, but because nobody has organized an effort to clean it up, the city is almost drowning in it.[1]

Mantiz has four massive keeps breaking its skyline, one of them being Keep Shezler.[1]


The buildings in Mantiz are rounded, have no corners, and are rarely symmetrical. The buildings have an organic feel, look unfinished, and are constructed of stone with hardened mud outside. Like in other places in the Western Dominance, some of the buildings in Mantiz have irregularly shaped windows.[1]


During Kelsier's Mistborn training with Gemmel they visited Mantiz, at least long enough for Kelsier to get in touch with the local underground. On a certain night they infiltrated Keep Shezler. Inside Kelsier fought with and killed Antillius Shezler, another Mistborn, and afterwards he freed Shezler's skaa prisoners and took his notebook containing rumours about an eleventh metal.[1]


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