Keep Shezler

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Keep Shezler
City Mantiz
Dominance Western Dominance
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Eleventh Metal

Keep Shezler is the keep of Antillius Shezler in Mantiz on Scadrial.[1]


It is one of the four major keeps in Mantiz, situated near the center of the city.[1]


The keep is a tall and slender building, having four tapering towers up front, being surrounded by a guarded wall about fifteen feet high. Like most building in the Western Dominance keep Shezler has an organic, unfinished feel instead of blocks and peaks, and is constructed of stone frames with a layer of sculpted hardened mud outside. It has windows of stained-glass.[1]


Kelsier and Gemmel infiltrate keep Shezler as a part of the former's Mistborn training. They first went up the roof to have a good view, and then entered the basement via a shed in the garden, killing some guards on their way. In the basement they find Antillius Shezler's delicate metallurgy equipment, and his skaa captives on whom he tested his research results, attempting to produce the Eleventh Metal. At that moment Shezler also enters the basement and attacks Kelsier, himself being Mistborn too. Kelsier manages to kill him without any help from Gemmel, frees the skaa captives and takes Shezler's personal notebook with him.[1]


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