Antillius Shezler

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Antillius Shezler
Abilities Mistborn
Profession Scholar
Residence Mantiz (Keep Shezler)
Ethnicity Noble
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Eleventh Metal

Antillius Shezler is a Mistborn and noble scholar in the Final Empire on Scadrial. He conducted research into the existence of an Eleventh Metal.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Shezler wears a fine suit combined with a white shirt buttoned to the neck, and his hair is short, all after the most current trends in Luthadel. He also wears a belt that holds his Allomantic metals.[1] Even though Shezler lives in the Western Dominance in the city of Mantiz, it is no secret that he is completely infatuated with the Luthadel nobility and that he is eager for connections to society closer to the capital.[1] He is presumably wealthy, as he is the lord of a very large keep and employs a number of security guards. He has an arrogant voice, and believes himself to be almost invincible because he is Mistborn. One of his skaa captives believes that Shezler is not completely sane.[1]


At some point in time Shezler presumably fell under Ruin's influence.[note 1] He subsequently started conducting research on a potential Eleventh Metal. He had a hidden underground laboratory and prison at his keep that was accessed through stairs disguised by a groundskeeping shed. In the laboratory, he experimented with metals and tortured skaa in an attempt to find any that could Snap if they had noble blood. He kept the prisoners in filthy conditions and continued to torture them even when it was apparent that they could not Snap. He listed his findings in a notebook.[1]

During Kelsier's training with Gemmel, the two of them infiltrated Keep Shezler. They found Shezler's laboratory and his captive skaa, which enraged Kelsier. Shezler discovered them and assumed that they were not a threat to him since he was Mistborn. Shezler nonchalantly Steelpushed a coin at Kelsier, but the latter caught him by surprise by Pushing back, and they started a fight. Shezler was more practiced with Allomancy than Kelsier, but he lacked experience fighting other strong Allomancers and he was also distracted by his concern for his expensive equipment. Shezler attacked Kelsier with a dueling cane, but Kelsier found a glass shard that he punched into Shezler's neck, and Shezler's Pewter could not save him.[1] The skaa were set free, although most of them were in severe physical and mental distress.[1]

Kelsier realized that Gemmel intentionally brought him to a place where he would be able to duel another Mistborn; Gemmel considered Shezler to be a "weak" Mistborn since he spent most of his time on scholarly pursuits.[1] Kelsier took Shezler's notebook, presumably beginning his obsession with discovering the Eleventh Metal (malatium).[1]


  1. In Mistborn: Secret History, Ruin claims to be responsible for Kelsier eventually discovering the Eleventh Metal; both Shezler and Gemmel show signs of Ruin's influence.[2]
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