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Profession Soldier
Groups Ashweather Cett's army (former), Venture army
Ethnicity Skaa [citation needed]
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Wellen is a soldier on Scadrial.

He was a member of Ashweather Cett's army that attacked Luthadel.[1] He was on mist duty when Vin and Zane attacked Keep Hasting. He was the sole survivor of his squad of 40 men.[1] He was reemployed as a guard in Luthadel and converted to Survivorism.[citation needed] He met with TenSoon playing Kelsier, and told him of the madness afflicting King Penrod and the location of Lord Breeze.[2]


Wellen is based on Dan Wells, a friend of Brandon's who is also an author.[3]


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