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Descendants Wellid[1]
Profession Soldier
Groups Ashweather Cett's army (former), Venture army
Ethnicity Skaa[2]
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Well of Ascension

Wellen, also known as Wells,[3] is a soldier on Scadrial.

He was a member of Ashweather Cett's army that attacked Luthadel.[2] He was on mist duty with Jarloux when Vin and Zane Venture attacked Keep Hasting. He was the sole survivor of his squad of forty men.[2]

After Cett swore allegiance to Emperor Elend Venture, he was reemployed as a guard in Luthadel.[4] He and Rittle met with TenSoon playing Kelsier, and told him of the madness afflicting King Ferson Penrod. When TenSoon asks after the whereabouts of Elend and Vin, Wellen instead relays the location of Lord Breeze; in Urteau. TenSoon leaves them with the advice to find shelter from the mists in the Arguois caverns.[5] Elend questions him and Rittle in the refugee camp after having led the people out of Luthadel.[6]

Wellen survives the Catacendre and has children.[1]


Wellen is superstitious of the mists, though he keeps his opinions to himself while on mist duty to avoid ridicule from the other guards.[7]


  • Wellen is based on Dan Wells, a friend of Brandon's who is also an author.[4]


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