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Type Volcanoes
Region Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
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The Ashmounts are enormous volcanoes in the Final Empire, and north of Elendel Basin in Post-Catacendric Scadrial, in the area that was once the Final Empire.[1][2]


They were created by Rashek during his initial contact with the Well of Ascension to counteract his moving the planet too close to the sun. They are the source of the ashfalls which protect the planet from overheating by filling the air with massive clouds of ash. Aluminum found on Scadrial came from the Ashmounts' craters. When Rashek created the Ashmounts, he did not necessarily place them near larger mountain ranges, and they often rise out of otherwise flat ground.

While Ruin was free, he caused the Ashmounts to emit massively larger amounts of ash than previous times as part of his plan to destroy the world.[3]

When Vin Ascended, she tried plugging the ashmounts, but immediately realized that the land would be too hot without the protection of the ash and was forced to rotate the planet to compensate.[4] Her plugs did not hold and lava began flowing anyway.[5]

During Sazed's Ascension, he restored Scadrial to its original orbit using the knowledge of the Nelazan, eliminating the need for the Ashmounts.[6]


After the Catacendre, the Ashmounts are stilled, although some appear to be gone.[7][2] Their former locations in the Final Empire are no longer populated, but are still referred to on maps using the names of the Ashmounts. Tyrian, Morag, Torinost, Kalling, and Faleast still seem to be extant in some form, while Zerinah and Doriel are not visible on available maps. A city in the Basin near the Ashmount's previous location is named Doriel, and the area east of the Southern Roughs is known as "Lost Doriel".[2] At one point, Wax and Marasi were concerned that the Set might be trying to restart the Ashmounts.[8]


There were seven Ashmounts in the Final Empire; however, several appear to have been flattened during the Catacendre, reducing the number down to five.[2]

  • Tyrian, in the Central Dominance, in the middle of Lake Tyrian just west of Luthadel
  • Zerinah, in the Southern Dominance, southwest of Luthadel. It appears to have been flattened.[2]
  • Doriel, in the Southern Dominance, near the Southern Sea south-southwest of Luthadel. It appears to have been flattened to create the Elendel Basin.[2]
  • Faleast, in the Eastern Dominance, south-southeast of Luthadel. It appears to currently make up the Faleast Range.[2]
  • Morag, in the Western Dominance, west-northwest of Luthadel
  • Torinost, in the Western Dominance, north-northwest of Luthadel
  • Kalling, in the Northern Dominance, northeast of Luthadel


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