Truths of the Bennet

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Truths of the Bennet
Related to Classical Scadrial
Type Religion
Era Classical Scadrial
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

It was a good religion, Master Kelsier. It focused on discovery and knowledge—to these people, the making of maps was a reverent duty. They believed that once all of the world was known, understood, and catalogued, men would finally find peace and harmony.

Sazed's description of the Truths of the Bennet to Kelsier[1]

The Truths of the Bennet was the religion of the Bennet people, who lived on Scadrial during the classical era. It is one of the religions recorded in Sazed's copperminds[1]

The Bennet were a highly developed people that lived on Southern Islands, possibly among the ones with volcanoes that Braches told Alendi about. They were accomplished seafarers and cartographers; some of their maps, presumably ones created after the Ascension of the Lord Ruler but before their culture was suppressed, were still being used by the Final Empire at the time of the Collapse.[1]

The Truths of the Bennet considered mapmaking to be a sacred duty and taught that humans would find peace once the entire world was charted and understood. It was designed to be practiced while at sea; a ship's captain also served as its minister and theological training was a prerequisite for commanding a ship. Sazed believes that few other people from the classical era adhered to ideals of peace and discovery in their religion as well as the Bennet did.[1]

While they are planning to overthrow the Final Empire, Sazed suggests the Truths of the Bennet to Kelsier as a possible religion. Kelsier rejects it, saying he's not interested in "peace and harmony" right now, and asks about the Valla instead.[1] During his Ascension, Sazed uses their maps of the world from before the Lord Ruler's Ascension, which were recorded in his metalminds, to undo the changes Rashek made to the landscape while he held the power of the Well of Ascension.[2]


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