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Far Peninsula
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

The Far Peninsula is a location in the far north of Scadrial during the Final Empire. Kelsier possessed a small bar of the "Eleventh Metal", malatium, and he told his crew that he found it near the peninsula. He also claimed that he knew of people living near the Far Peninsula who remembered the name of their kingdom prior to the Ascension; they also maintained that the Lord Ruler could be killed with the Eleventh Metal.[1]

The location of the Far Peninsula is unclear. The only sizable northern peninsulas visible on maps of the former Final Empire appear to be located in the Crescent Dominance and the Farmost Dominance.[2] However, available maps do not extend to the northern coast of the continent, and it is possible that there are other peninsulas in the Terris Dominance or elsewhere.


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