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Groups Venture army
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Hero of Ages

Conrad is a lieutenant in Elend's army on Scadrial. King Penrod sent him to ask Elend for more troops in Luthadel prior to the Battle of Fadrex City.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Conrad is a brave red-haired man. The exhausted man had ash-stained clothing and wore the leathers of a scout when he reached Elend.[1]

He personally knows General Demoux.[1]


When Elend set out with his army to secure the storage caverns in several cities, Demoux left Lieutenant Conrad behind in Luthadel to serve King Penrod.[1]

As the Deepness grew, hunger and riots became more common in Luthadel. Penrod sent Conrad and three other soldiers separately to ask Elend, who was besieging Fadrex City, for more troops to restore order in the capital.[1]

Conrad was the only messenger who reached Elend. On his way there, he was chased by a group of koloss. He managed to escape them by using his horse as bait and distraction.[1]

I don't know why. I can only relay the message I was sent to deliver.

—Conrad explaining why King Penrod needed more troops in Luthadel.[1]

Upon reaching Elend's army nearby Fadrex City, Ham led him to Elend. After he delivered his message, Conrad startled at Elend's initial outburst of anger because Penrod didn't have the situation under control in Luthadel. Later that evening, after Conrad had gotten some rest, he and Elend spoke again in depth.[1]

After Demoux's brawl with Bilg, Elend agreed to send about three hundred men back with Conrad, the exact number of mistfallen who were seen as cursed by most of the army. They traveled back to Luthadel by canal.[2]


  • He is a cameo of one of Brandon's college friends, Tom Conrad. He was Brandon's first roommate, and they roomed together for two years.[3]


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