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City Urteau
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

The Marketpit is a location in Urteau on Scadrial.[1]


Before the Lord Ruler filtered the water for Urteau's canals down into the storage cavern, the Marketpit (which presumably didn't have this name) was the widest canal in the city and it could fit three boats moored in its center with enough room for other boats to pass on each side. After the canals emptied, it turned into a central boulevard of the city, causing many tradesmen and beggars to come to the pit.[1]

The streetslot has stairs leading to a wealthier section of the city, where the canals have been filled in and cobbled. Quellion executed people by locking them in a former home of a nobleman and then burning it. The Citizen also commonly addressed his people in the Marketpit.[1]


One day, Spook hired Durn to tell him the date of an execution, and Durn promised to tell him another tidbit. The execution happened next to the Marketpit, and Durn told Spook to count the skulls inside the house after the execution ended. After the execution, Quellion addressed the people in the streetslot, and Spook went to speak to Beldre.

When Quellion saw him, he sent soldiers to attack Spook, including two Thugs. During the fight, one of the soldiers stabbed Spook by driving his sword through another soldier's heart, giving him through Hemalurgy Allomantical pewter.[1] The fight ended with Spook being knocked out and later brought into a burning building, which he escaped by using pewter Allomancy.[2] Later, Spook discovered that there were only nine skulls in the building, though ten people had gone to be executed.[3]

Later, in another execution near Marketpit, Spook went to rescue the people trapped in the burning building.[3][4] Most of the prisoners escaped, but Spook ended up trapped inside the building with a little girl. Burning pewter, he went through the flames and jumped out of a window. Then, Sazed and Breeze discovered that Spook was the Survivor of the Flames.[4]


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