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Human Koloss.jpg
Groups Venture army
Species Koloss
Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

That is my name. Human. You call me Human.

—Human to Vin[1]

Human, originally Vershad, a skaa rebel living outside the borders of the Final Empire, is a koloss of unknown age created in the Final Empire. When pushed, he demonstrates how koloss are made, and serves Vin to a very limited degree for a short time, although hating her by his own admission. He is the leader of the koloss group that discovers the empty atium cache in the kandra Homeland just prior to Ruin's death.



Before he was transformed into a koloss, Human was a skaa rebel known as Vershad. He was the leader of a rebellion in the southeast of the Final Empire, in the same area where Clubs fought in his youth. Vershad lived in the desert outside the borders of the Final Empire, and crossed the border to raid outlying villages and steal supplies.[2]

His preferred methods involved converting the local skaa population to his side, and convince them to give him supplies. In return, he and his band would "raid" the village, only attacking the mansions of the nobility. This allowed the skaa to get revenge against the nobility, as well as earning more supplies due to the assumption that their food stores had been raided as well.[2]

Vershad was a charismatic and intelligent skaa, managing even to keep his band alive when the Lord Ruler began to turn his attention to them. Eventually, however, the Lord Ruler sent a koloss army against Vershad and his men, with the aid of an Inquisitor, who set an ambush as well as betraying the rebels. For their crimes, Vershad's men were slaughtered, and he himself was transformed into a koloss.[2]

As a koloss, Human retains much of his intelligence and determination, which makes him a noticeably clever koloss at the time, with a decent sense of logic and working observational skills.[2]


Human meets Vin and Elend shortly after they expose villagers to the mists outside of Vetitan in order to inoculate them. He diffuses Vin's assumptions that all koloss are alike with his observations and remarks. This continues as they spend more time together, where Vin discerns that he could use fair logic and has somewhat keen observations. However, she is puzzled by Human's insistence that he is human.[1]

Later, Human again insists that he is human, and expresses the desire for human possessions such as a house. Vin attempts to explain that he can't have those things, because human ways are not the same as koloss ways, stating that humans don't kill someone because they make them feel uncomfortable. Human observes that instead of killing each other, humans just use koloss to kill one another.

Vin questions Human about the mists, whether he and the other koloss fear them. He responds by saying that mist does not kill, thus it is nothing to fear, just like any other weather. But he continues his line of thought, and stated that he hates the mists, because he can feel their hatred of him, and recognises that Vin feels the same way about the mists. This is due to having hemalurgic spikes, but neither of the two realized this at the time.[3]

Shortly after Aradan Yomen's raid on Elend's camp, Human surprises Vin with the first known indication of any kind of morality from a koloss, stating that it's not right that he shows her how koloss are made. Vin Pushes Human Allomantically to get him to reveal how koloss are created. He screams, proceeding to run into the army's human camp with a dead koloss, immediately attempting to take the hemalurgic spikes from the koloss and place them into a wounded human soldier, but Vin stops him, finally uncovering the secret of how koloss are created. Human once again states that he is human.[4]

During the final conflict between Ruin and Preservation, Human leads koloss soldiers inside the underground tunnels of the kandra Homeland while under the influence of Ruin. Human is aware that Ruin is controlling him, and that Ruin is far more powerful than Vin. Ruin forces Human and his soldiers to ignore the humans in order to find the atium cache. He enters the Trustwarren, only to find it completely empty.[5][6]

When Harmony takes up the power and begins to restore Scadrial to what it had been before the Lord Ruler reshaped the world using the power at the Well of Ascension over one thousand years earlier, Human and the other koloss soldiers with him are still in the underground tunnels, and survive the restoration of Scadrial as Harmony reshapes the planet again. Harmony alters these surviving koloss to become true-breeding, although it is not known how this was achieved.[7]


I will be human, (...) We will kill you. Take your cities. Then we will be human.

—Human explaining his morbid belief of how koloss can become human to Vin.[1]

I'm bigger than some, (...) Smaller than some--but not very many. That means I'm old.

—Human demonstrating his ability to reason.[1]

We're not like you, (...) We're big on the outside only.

—Human failing to grasp the meaning of Vin's inquiries about gender.[1]

No, (...) You make us kill them instead.

—Human's observation skills about humans and murder surprising Vin.[3]

I can't, (...) It's not right.

—Human demonstrating koloss values and morality.[4]


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