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World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

The Kandra Contract detailed the terms of service for the employment of a kandra in the Final Empire. Each service Contract uses the First Contract between the kandra people and the Lord Ruler as a base.[1] Contracts could be purchased with atium by leaving a message at a designated place in Luthadel. A kandra would then go to the client and act as an intermediary while the papers were signed and payment collected. The kandra--a member of the fifth generation during the Mistborn trilogy--would then return to the kandra Homeland where a kandra would be assigned to the Contract.[2] The punishment for a kandra who broke the Contract was death.[3] The details of service Contracts were also entirely undisclosed to non-kandra, not even the Lord Ruler would have been informed. Although in all likelihood he could have demanded the information if he desired it.[2]


In the early days of the Final Empire the kandra attempted to remain secret and blend into human society. However humans feared their abilities, calling them monsters, and began using Allomancy to hunt them down, by way of the Flaw, and kill them. The kandra were almost extinct when the service Contracts were developed by members of the Second and Third generations.[4][1] The kandra became servants to save themselves.[5]

Terms of Service[edit]

  • Kandra will not kill men.
  • Kandra will only assimilate bones when commanded.
  • Kandra will serve their masters with absolute obedience except in the following instances:[4] if they are commanded to kill a man or if they are commanded to reveal secrets about the kandra such as the nature of the Flaw.[6]
  • Kandra will remain in the Homeland when not on Contract and will return there on the death of their master if it occurs before the end of the time paid for.[7]


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