White Sand Volume 2

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<White Sand Volume 2>
White Sand v2 Cover Art.jpg
White Sand
Follows White Sand Volume 1
Precedes White Sand Volume 3
Setting Taldain, Cosmere
Collaborators Rik Hoskin, Julius Gopez, Julius Ohta
Released February 20, 2018
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
ISBN 152410342X

White Sand Volume 2 is the second graphic novel of the three part series White Sand. White Sand is set on the Dayside of the planet Taldain. It is an adaptation of one of the novels Brandon wrote prior to being published. The script was adapted by Rik Hoskin, the artwork was done by Julius Gopez (chapters 1-5) and Julius Ohta (chapter 6), coloring was done by Morgan Hickman (chapters 1 and 2) and Salvatore Aiala Studios (chapters 3-6), lettering by DC Hopkins, and the editors were Anthony Marques and Joseph Rybandt.[1]


Following the loss of most of his colleagues in a violent ambush, Kenton has become Lord Mastrell of the few remaining Sand Masters, magicians who can manipulate sand to do their bidding. With the ruling council poised against him, the hot-headed Kenton must become a diplomat to have any hope of preventing the eradication of his people forever. However, there’s another complication: assassins are coming for him from all directions, and Kenton’s only true ally is Khriss, a visitor from the other side of the planet who has an agenda of her own to pursue.


Kenton, Duchess Khrissalla, and Kenton’s friend Aarik travel to meet with the Taisha, petitioning them for their favor in the upcoming vote on whether or not to disband the Diem. All the while, Kenton is being pursued by Kerztian assassins, and is trying to rebuild the Diem into a favorable position as an important part of society that can help even the most common of men in Lossand. Suffering from the Diem's 700,000 Lak of debt and a distinct hatred of the Diem coming from all sides, Kenton is forced to use not only his extraordinary sand mastery but his wits and quick thinking to struggle to the top of his problems.

Main Characters[edit]

A weak but skilled sand master whose disapproving father is Lord Mastrell of the Diem
A Darksider duchess who has traveled to Dayside in search of her late fiance and the secrets of sand mastery
A Darksider bowman who accompanies Duchess Khrissalla
A Kerztian Trackt in search of a criminal mastermind
Kenton's childhood friend


White Sand is set in the cosmere on the planet of Taldain, a planet locked between two suns- one large and one small- so that one side experiences perpetual light and the other perpetual darkness.

Magic System[edit]

The primary system of magic on Taldain is known as sand mastery. Sand mastery involves the the telekinetic manipulation of white sand, a process that leaves the sand black for a time, at the expense of the users water supply.


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