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Born Fifth Generation
Abilities Blessing of Potency[1]
Species Kandra
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

VarSell is a kandra of the Fifth Generation on Scadrial during the Final Empire with a quartz True Body.[1]

He is one of TenSoon's captors when TenSoon is imprisoned prior to his Judgement. When TenSoon insults the Second Generation over how long it takes them to form bodies, he gets mad, but restrains himself from slapping TenSoon as he is a member of the Third Generation and therefore technically superior to VarSell. He then walks behind TenSoon while escorting him to his Judgement; to avoid a show, he sticks to back corridors.[1]

On the orders of the Second Generation, he returns the wolfhound bones to TenSoon. He informs TenSoon that they intend to break TenSoon's bones as part of his punishment and that they don't want to waste human bones. He also laughs at the notion of a kandra wearing animal bones, and says that being forced to wear them will help the other kandra understand that TenSoon is not a true kandra.[2]


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