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City Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Longard is a district in the Fifth Octant of Elendel on Scadrial.[1]

It is the location of a foundry which the Vanishers use as a base of operations.[2][3]

Notable Locations[edit]


The foundry is a two-story tall building located on the southeast side of the 5th 6th Canal.[1] It has a flat roof with lots of chimneys.[3] Ashes and slag were heaped in piles along one of its walls. The windows appear to be covered in soot, but they have actually been intentionally darkened to hide the work going on inside. One full side of the building is a massive door that can be slid aside on wheels, allowing for easy access to the canal.

On the interior, half of the building has a ceiling that is double the normal height.[3] The other half has an upper floor which contains quarters fit for around fifty men. The foundry is clear of any forging equipment or other tools. There are darkened areas of the floor where the equipment used to be, and close to these places there is still cooled aluminum that melted to the floor. Due to the darkened windows, there is little light on the interior, and it smells of coal and fire.

There are few things in the upper loft in the rear of the foundry.[3] It is connected to the ground floor via a staircase in the back. It served as a living quarters that could fit around fifty men or so. The interior is full of broken cupboards, boxes, and a random assortment of old junk.


The foundry was used as a hideout by the Vanishers for an unknown length of time, perhaps since their inception. Around fifty men lived and worked in the foundry, acting as workers to avoid suspicion.[3] They kept much of their equipment in there, including the Machine's crane apparatus used to swap out the train cars they stole. The Vanishers intentionally darkened the windows with soot to hide what they were doing in there. In addition to storage and living quarters, the foundry was also used for actual forging. The aluminum that was stolen was reworked into guns and bullets by an imprisoned Nouxil[4] in the foundry, which were used in the Vanishers' crimes to counteract Allomancy.[5]

After the attack on the Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner, in which several members of the Vanishers were captured,[6] Miles Dagouter and Clamps had the foundry evacuated.[3] Clamps rigged the both floors of the building with dynamite,[7] to kill any who attempted to search the building. The Vanishers removed all the possessions and equipment to the foundry beneath the Ironspine Building.[8]

After one of the captured Vanishers, Sindren, was tricked into revealing the existence of the Longard foundry,[2] Waxillium Ladrian, Wayne, and Marasi Colms investigated the building.[3] They interviewed nearby beggars about the activities going on in the building. Wax and Wayne cleared the building of any explosives, but found it almost entirely scrubbed clean. However, Wax found an empty box of Citizen Magistrate cigars, that had numbers written upon it. Recognizing this as the brand smoked by Miles, Wax's suspicions about his role as leader of the Vanishers were confirmed. Later, he comes to realize that the notes on the box were Miles' attempt at keeping rack of Mister Suit's comings and goings.[9]

Around a year later, just prior to the rogue kandra Paalm's attempted to overthrow the government of Elendel, angry picketers were lining up along Longard Street during one of Governor Replar Innate's speeches to protest governmental corruption and other issues.[10]


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