Ironspine Building

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Ironspine Building
Owners Unkown
Usage Skyscraper
City Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Alloy of Law

The Ironspire Building is a large skyscraper built in Elendel on Scadrial.[1] It is located between Demoux Promenade and the bank of the 4th 5th Canal, in the 4th Octant, across from the Tekiel Tower.[2] The Ironspine Building is tall enough that even when uncompleted, its top is obscured by the mists on the rare nights they appeared.

The Ironspine Building is in a sort-of race with the Tekiel Tower to be the tallest building in Elendel.[1] The architects would come up with revised blueprints of taller and taller buildings, attempting to outdo one another. Credible rumors said that both the Ironspine Building and the Tekiel Tower would top over fifty stories tall.


The building was designed in tiers, gradually narrowing the at higher levels.[1] The base was built from stone, but at least the twentieth floor and above were covered with ceramics with the appearance of worked stone, to match the bottom. It was remarkably well carved and decorated, with ornate spikes and the like decorating the upper stories.

The structure of the building was made up of a lattice of iron beams.

The Ironspine also had its own freight dock along a branch off the main canal, with a stationary crain there for unloading shipments.[2] It also contained a large platform that acted as a large hydraulic lever that could bring people and objects down into the tunnel below that Edwarn Ladrian planned to expand into a subway system. There were a few train cars and some track down there, as well as a wooden building. A foundry capable of smelting aluminum had also been set up there, and the tunnel also served as a storage for a multitude of boxes.


Waxillium Ladrian climbed it while it was still under construction after a ball at Cett mansion.[1] He also planned to lease offices in the Ironspine Building.[3]

Miles Dagouter and the Vanishers moved their headquarters to the building below the Ironspine after their original hideout was discovered by Wayne. Wax, Wayne, and Marasi Colms attacked the hideout in an attempt to defeat Miles and rescue Steris Harms. The hydraulic platform and subterranean building were heavily damaged and many fires started. It is unknown if this damage has been repaired. Wax fought Push and Pull on the Ironspine itself[4] and killed both before he and Marasi tricked Miles into being captured.[5]

Connection to the Set?[edit]

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The owners of the Ironspine building have as of yet remained unmentioned. It seems rather unlikely that the construction of a lift and an enormous tunnel beneath the building would have gone unnoticed. It is possible that the building is owned by the mysterious group known as the Set. This would also make sense in that the Set was attempting to destroy House Tekiel financially,[6] which seems to parallel the Ironspine's attempt to be taller than Tekiel Tower.


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