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Died [1]
Groups Camon's crew
Residence Luthadel
Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Disten is a member of Camon's thieving crew in Luthadel on Scadrial.[2] He serves as a head pointman for the crew. He is missing one hand, but is considered to have very keen senses.[2]


After Kelsier and Dockson intervened in the crew's attempt to scam the Steel Ministry, Disten expressed curiosity about what Kelsier had discussed with Vin. Disten and a few other crew members then recounted various rumors about Kelsier's history to Vin, mixing fact with fiction.[2]

Disten was presumably killed when the Ministry discovered the crew's lair and slaughtered everyone inside.[1]


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