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Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Cosahn is a skaa servant, and a member of Mansion Renoux's staff in Fellise. She is middle-aged and relatively tall.

Some time after Vin joined Kelsier's crew, Cosahn and Sazed waited for her in the kitchens of the mansion. When Vin arrived, Sazed introduced her to Cosahn.

Cosahn then studied the girl's appearance, as Sazed had asked her to cut her hair. He thought it was now long enough to be cut stylishly. Cosahn didn't disagree, though she warned that she wasn't sure how much she could improve its appearance as she couldn't 'perform miracles'. Sazed nodded at this. Vin looked dubiously between them, not knowing what they were talking about, and he explained that Cosahn would be cutting her hair.

She gestured for Vin to take a seat, and when she did, began running her hands through Vin's hair and tsked at how ill-kept it was. She started to cut it, complimenting it as she did so and expressing her disappointment in how badly Vin took care of it, remarking that the women of the court would be envious of such hair.

Sazed promised that they would take better care of it. This appeased Cosahn, who nodded to herself as she worked. She took her time, trimming Vin's bangs as well, and while she worked Vin and Sazed chatted.

As she was finishing, Kelsier arrived. He complimented her skills, and she received his praise with some embarrassment, flattered. Vin requested a mirror, which Cosahn provided. Kelsier once again complimented her work, for she had evened out the hair, gotten rid of the snags and gotten it to lay flat.

Cosahn told him she was not yet done, and so Kelsier urged her to continue. She did so, as he and Sazed stepped outside to speak privately.[1]

Later on, after Vin's hair had grown some more, Cosahn cut and styled it again so that it fell around her ears, with a slight curl.[2]


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