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Clubs' shop
Owners Clubs
Usage Business
City Luthadel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Clubs' shop is a carpentry shop and is a front for his work as a Smoker.[1]


Clubs' shop's Carpentry section is a successful business in its self with several apprentices and other staff. This allows Clubs to have a fair amount of independence unlike most Skaa in the Final Empire. It has quarters for the apprentices and any people currently employing Clubs' as a smoker along with spaces for meetings and a kitchen. The shop also has multiple hidden lookout posts and at least one hidden exit for escape in case of either guards or Steel Inquisitors.


Clubs employs several apprentices that do a large share of the work for the shop but many of them are skaa Mistings among these are several more smokers to keep a cloud running all day. The only notable apprentice is Clubs' nephew Lestibournes later named Spook by Kelsier, who becomes a member of Kelsier's crew and later continues to support Vin.


During the events of The Final Empire Clubs'shop is used as a central location for the Kelsier's crew to run their plans while actually in Luthadel.


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