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Related to Kandra
Type Ritual, Capital Punishment
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Know that your greatest sin was that of rebellion... Because of you, the Trust has been endangered, as has every kandra of every generation!

KanPaar during TenSoon's sentencing[1]

ChanGaar is an imprisonment ritual used by the kandra on Scadrial to punish those who have committed the most serious of crimes.[1]

The ritual consists of breaking the offending kandra's bones and then sealing them in a pit with only a small hole for food. The kandra is left there for ten generations, after which they are starved to death.[1]

KanPaar sentences TenSoon to ChanGaar for rebelling against the council and betraying the secret of how to control the kandra to Vin. However, TenSoon uses his superior strength and speed that his canine body provides him to escape before it could be carried out.[1]


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