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Scadrian system
Starchart scadrial color.jpg
Shards Preservation, Ruin, Harmony
Notable Planet(s) Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn series

The Scadrian system is the name given to the planetary system containing the planet of Scadrial. In addition to Scadrial, the system includes two gas giants, two dwarf planets, and a comet belt.[1]



The Mistborn series is set on this planet. It was created entirely by the Shards of Preservation and Ruin, who made their home here.[1] The planet's orbit has changed multiple times. At the onset of the Final Empire, Rashek used the power at the Well of Ascension to bring the planet nearer the sun in order to burn away the Deepness.[2] This necessitated the creation of ashmounts to block out the too-close sun. Harmony corrected the orbit to its current position upon his Ascension.[3]

Aagal Nod

A blue gas giant with six moons. The largest planet in the Scadrian system.

Aagal Uch

A red gas giant with five moons and a ring. A comet belt lies beyond Aagal Uch.

Dwarf planets

Two unnamed dwarf planets lie outside of the Scadrian system's comet belt.


In physical space, Roshar appears to be the nearest solar system. Its star is part of the "The Giver" constellation.[4][5][6] The Scadrian Cognitive Realm is known as Expanse of the Vapors, and can be accessed from Roshar. It is close enough to the Threnodite Cognitive Realm that shades appearing at its borders are a legitimate concern.[7]


The inhabitants of Scadrial were created by Ruin and Preservation in the image of Yolish humans.[1] The Final Empire saw the creation of two additional species - the shapeshifting kandra and near-mindless koloss - through Shardic intervention and the use of Hemalurgy on humans. Following the Catacendre, the koloss became a true breeding race, the koloss-blooded.[8]

As of right now, the other planets in the system are uninhabited.[9]


The planet of Scadrial did not exist prior to the Shattering. The Shards of Preservation and Ruin decided to create the planet from scratch, under the stipulation that Ruin would later be allowed to destroy it. However, Preservation betrayed Ruin, trapping him in the Well of Ascension, one of Scadrial's two Perpendicularities, to prevent the destruction, at the cost of his own mind and a significant chunk of his power.

At some point, a Selish organization called the Ire set up a base in the Scadrian Cognitive Realm, intending to claim the Shard of Preservation once its holder was dead.[7]

Over centuries, several people have held the power of the Well of Ascension.[10][11] A number of civilizations have developed during that period, and the technological advancement had almost reached the steam age. The penultimate of those holders was a Terrisman named Rashek, who moved the planet closer to the sun in an attempt to burn away the Deepness while holding the power, and folded all the existing states into the Final Empire under his rule. The last holder, Vin, chose to release the power - releasing Ruin as well - due to the Shard's misdirection. The following events saw Ruin and Preservation merged into Harmony, who restored the system to its previous orbit and rejuvenated the land in an event known as the Catacendre.

In recent years Autonomy attempted to invade the system, however this attempt was foiled by Marasi, Wax, Wayne and the Ghostbloods.


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