Expanse of the Vapors

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Expanse of the Vapors
World Shadesmar
Universe Cosmere
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The Expanse of the Vapors is a location in Shadesmar. It is bordered by the Sea of Lost Lights and the Nexus of Imagination.[1]

The Expanse of the Vapors leads to Scadrial.[2]

In Mistborn: Secret History, Kelsier goes to the Cognitive Realm on Scadrial, and describes everything that doesn't have Investiture to be made of 'thick, shifting mists' that coalesced in the same shape as everything in the Physical Realm. This is likely where the Expanse of the Vapors gets its name. As part of the Scadrian subastral, mist obscures everything and metals glow with a brilliant light. The counterpart to bodies of water is smoky stone where mysterious plants grow and the counterpart to solid earth is a misty, vaporous substance.


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