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Featured In {{{books}}}

This template allows you to include information about a place on its article. There's a number of more specific templates to fit some of the categories of places like {{nation}} for kingdoms, {{settlement}} for cities and villages, {{architecture}} for buildings, {{geography}} for features of the landscape.

There are two required parameters, the {{{world}}} that the place inhabits, and the {{{books}}} or series the place is set upon. A number of optional parameters allow you to pinpoint the location to a particular {{{region}}}, {{{country}}}, {{{capital}}} or {{{city}}}. {{{capital}}} should be used when talking about countries, {{{city}}} should be used when talking about places inside a city. Another parameter allows you to define the {{{era}}} or time period the place existed in.

An advanced field {{{location}}} allows you to add {{row/kv}}s directly, and {{{place}}} allows you to change the box heading.