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Dark Keep
City Pitch
Region Blackened Lands
World Mirandus
Featured In Dark One
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The Dark Keep is a castle in the city Pitch on Mirandus. It is described as the citadel of shadow and fear by Rastik. Karkun, the first Dark One, created the keep in which the Well of Sorrows is contained. The doors of the keep stood closed for a lifetime, until Paul Tanasin rose as the Dark One to open them.[1]

Layout and Design[edit]

The Dark Keep is located centrally in the city of Pitch, rising above the surrounding structures as a collection of spiky towers. Through the massive keep doors, is a wide set of stairs leading up past many Ironkeepers standing guard on plinths. Further in is the hall where the Well of Sorrows sits with towering statues of previous Dark Ones guarding it.[1]


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