Sebarial princedom

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Sebarial princedom
Ruler Highprince Sebarial
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Sebarial princedom is one of ten Alethi princedoms in Alethkar on Roshar. The house colors are deep gold & black.[1] The highprince is Turinad Sebarial and his banner consists of the glyphs sebes and laial in the shape of a skyeel.[2]


Sebarial princedom is located in the south of Alethkar, bordered to the north by Thanadal, to the west by Hatham and Bethab, to the east by the Sea of Spears and the Eastern Crownlands, and to the south by the Frostlands.[3][4] The city of Rashir is located near the western border with Bethab. The Deathbend River flows through the princedom and its tributaries appear to define parts of the eastern border.[4]


The princedom was founded by one of the ten sons of Sadees the Sunmaker, who split up Alethkar after his death.[5]


Like the other princedoms, Sebarial contructs a large warcamp at the Shattered Plains during the War of Reckoning. Highprince Sebarial focuses on commerce rather than battle, and his warcamp is notably more advanced than the other camps. It has running water, shops, taverns, well-engineered housing, farms, twelve factories making various goods and supplies, and an information station with scribes and spanreeds, including at least one connected to Tashikk.[2][6] The camp's gates are open all night.[7] Kaladin thought Sebarial's camp looked more like a city than the other camps.[8]

Little Herdaz is inside the warcamp, and a number of Herdazians live there even if they are not from Sebarial princedom.[9] Lopen and other Herdazians disguise Elhokar and bring him into Little Herdaz to recover after an assassination attempt by Moash.[9]


Sebarial and his Herdazian mistress Palona live in a manor in the camp. Although not as large as manors in Alethi cities, it is far more elaborate than other buildings in the warcamps. The house's exterior has classical columns and is situated behind taller buildings to avoid wind damage. The gardens have ornamental shalebark, trees, and a flagstone driveway.[2] The interior is mostly white stone with marble, crystal, glass windows, and gold-trimmed statues. There are numerous maids and footmen.[2]

When Shallan arrives at the Shattered Plains, she invites herself into Highprince Sebarial's entourage.[10] She moves into the manor and is surprised by the level of affluence displayed by Sebarial. Her guest quarters are white stone, with a sitting room and rich furnishings.[2]

Move to Urithiru[edit]

Sebarial is one of the few highprinces that sends his armies to join Dalinar's assault on the Parshendi that results in the Battle of Narak.[11] This gains him a measure of respect with Dalinar, who names Sebarial the Highprince of Commerce in Urithiru.[12] Sebarial is given a section of Urithiru and relocates most of the people in his warcamp to the city.[13] Some operations remain at the warcamp due to the need for agriculture and lumber, although Sebarial thinks this is not sustainable and expresses concern about Thanadal taking over the camps.[14]

Most of Sebarial's soldiers end up joining the Kholin army.[15] Shallan decides to live in Sebarial's section of Urithiru, and notes that it stays busier than the rest of the city, much like his warcamp.[16][13]


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