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World Earth (Reckoners)

His Diggers had cut out several levels of understreets, complete with buildings, and people had flowed to Newcago for work.

David, about Steelheart

The Understreets are areas in Newcago located "underground"/inside the tunnels carved or otherwise created in steel, into which the ground has been transformed by Steelheart.[1]

The streets vary by depth, some being shallow, with grates opening to the sky, and some too deep for anything but artificial lighting. They were cut into the steel by Diggers. As a result of their subsequent madness, understreets vary by levels. Upper levels have enough space for homes and alternating lighting allowing limited navigation.[1] The lower levels, called the Steel Catacombs, were dug mostly randomly, and are easy to get lost in. Steelheart's police rarely patrolled the understreets and shops had to have people watching them.[1]

Knowing the different colored light patterns allowed for navigation through the upper levels of the understreets. It is common practice to carry a weapon around the understreets.[1]


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